Nicotine Poetic

Nicotine Poetic is a singer-songwriter duo from Central Illinois. Thank you for visiting our home on the internet.


Man we suck at updating. But...I've done some tweaking here today. We are staying busy. Working on booking, learning some new covers and writing. We do have plans to record. We don't know when. The schedule is keeping us busy for sure. Keep checking the shows. We will be around!

Good Start 

Just wanted to leave a quick know, before six months had passed. Things are well on our end. We are booking up some shows and always looking to book more. If you know of a venue who is booking tell them to hit us up, if you are a venue the shoot us a message. We want to play as much possible. Until then, keep your eyes on our website and facebook for show updates. Here's to a busy year!

Another Year Down 

While you wouldn't know it from our updates, it has been a busy year for Nicotine Poetic. We've played quite a few shows, we have some pretty regular gigs and we have finally started writing again. We wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has been supportive of us over the last year. It really has been a great time and we look forward to moving strong into 2018.

We have a couple of December shows left and we have started booking the new year. We also are looking at getting into the studio early in 2018 to do a track or two as we being working on our third full length album. We hope to see you out at the shows and we will work on getting new music out to you ASAP in 2018!

I Think We've Established.... 

that updates are not our strongest suit!

That said, we hope this finds you all doing well. Things in the Nicotine world are starting to get going again. As the weather gets better we are going to be looking to be out doing more and more shows. We are slowly making some contacts and getting that going. I've added a few more shows that are already booked and we plan on adding to the list.

There will be some more videos posted in the very near future. We are slowly getting back on the writing train as well. Give us a minute...we're trying to remind ourselves how to do all this. We took a bit of break but we got tired of you'll be seeing more of our faces in the near future.

Has It Been That Long?'s been forever since we've updated out website. That's totally my fault. We have been doing our thing these last few months. We play as much as we can and we have started, slowly, writing some new songs for the next album. We've thrown up a couple new cover videos on YouTube and we always try to keep our dates current on Facebook. We suck at Instagram and Twitter...again, my fault.

The new year has started. We hope it finds you in the best place you can be...and if you need a sad song, you know where to go!

We will see you soon!

We Are The Champions! 

This summer has truly been a busy one for the two of us in Nicotine. We've been playing a lot of shows and doing everything we can to get ourselves out there. We do want to express our appreciation to Rob Smith, The Logan County Fair and Logan County CrimeStoppers for putting on their Battle of the Bands this year. Nicotine Poetic was honored to win the acoustic part of the competition. There was a ton of talent and we had a great time taking part. The real winner is the local music scene!

We have a handful more shows booked through Sept. We are very much looking forward to Friday Aug 26th as we will be opening up Bruegala: A Festival of Beer at the Normal Corn Crib. We will be doing this show as a full band. It's going to be a great time. We hope to see you out soon!

Busy Summer 

We wanted to take a minute and say hello to everyone out there on the internet. We've been off to a very busy start this summer and it looks to be keeping up for us. There's still a show announcement or two we are keeping under wraps but good things are coming. Make sure you take a look at the schedule and find some time to come sit and hang out with us.

We do have a couple weekends off in July and I'm going to make it a goal to finally get the merchandise available on our site. I apologize for being such a slacker.

One last thing before I get back to the day each other!


Been a Minute... 

Hey everyone. It's been a little bit since I've updated the page. No excuses...I'm a slacker. The CD is officially released and available for sale. You can find it at iTunes and Spotify and Amazon and all of those kinds of places. It will be for sale here on the website very soon. My laptop decided it was no longer interested in working so I'm a bit behind on the updates.

We recently posted a new cover video to our YouTube Channel. Round Here by Counting Crows has been one of those songs we have always loved doing and it we thought it was time to get a current version out there. Hope you enjoy!

We are working hard to get some shows lined up. We will keep you posted. Until then....go get a PBR!

CDs Have Arrived - We Are Ready! 

It's been a very exciting couple of weeks for us in the Nicotine Poetic camp. It seems like every day or two a new package arrived in the mail with some kind of merchandise. We received the most important one on Tuesday. Two boxes full of "A Note to Samuel". They look great, they sound great and we couldn't be happier. Just a matter of days now and we will be sharing a project with you that took a year to see its completion. We are so proud of what we did on this album and in the same breath we have been so humbled by the love and support we receive from our fans. We are a very luck couple of guys to have the friends and family we do. Thank you for being behind us, thank you for waiting and we hope you can all make it out to celebrate the release of the album on Friday March 25th!

Before we make it there though, we have St. Patrick's day to celebrate on March 17th. We will be doing so with a 7-10pm set at Dr. McKay's in Bloomington. Our good friend Fred Snellen will be playing a bit as well during our set break. We'd love to see you out for both nights!

Keep your eyes open. Next week is going to have a couple of surprises.

A Note to Samuel Cd Release on March 25th! 

It's officially official...we'll be releasing our newest CD "A Note to Samuel" on March 25th at Six Strings in Bloomington, IL. We will be joined by Chasing the Turn and Fred Snellen. Music starts at 10pm. We will be playing a good portion of our set as a full band. We want to thank Jay Connelly and Andrew Madison from Embers End for their help in filling out our band lineup that night. These guys are great musicians and great friends and we are truly honored to have them as a part of our show and playing our songs.

We will also have T-shirts and other merchandise available for sale that evening. We will be putting everything up for sale very soon online as well for those of you who don't live nearby or can't make a show.

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