Getting Warm

Hello to al you checking out the page! Its May and the weather is finally starting to get nice. At the same time, out schedule is picking up as well. We're excited to let everyone know that Jay is doing great, has no issues, and we are back out playing and doing our thing.

This time of year it's interesting to watch as the "world" comes back to life. The brown and gray fades into green, blue and more vibrant colors. Things just feel better. And with that, we are going to be focusing on breathing some new life into Nicotine Poetic. We are constantly adding new cover songs to our playlist but also working on writing and developing some new tunes for you. We hope to release some new music by the end of the summer...fingers crossed.

Be looking out for new YouTube video, new posts here, shows, images, music and anything we can think of. We're feeling motivated.

Looking forward to seeing all of you at shows in the near future.


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